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We are positive, inspiring, reliable, and committed.

Our mission is to save the planet with innovation, creativity, and profitable businesses.



“Our vision is to create a world where we’re not overusing and exploiting our planet. We believe we can develop ideas, products and services together that will enable us to use the resources we have smart, efficient, and without depleting them. That’s why we are committed to helping businesses and organizations to develop, market, and sell sustainable products and services.”

Lisa Schmidt, Co-Founder

Kai Schmidt, Co-Founder

Taking responsibility

Sustainable business strategies and marketing mean taking responsibility for our actions.

We decide to work with partners and customers that want to make a difference and place and consciously consider all three sustainability dimensions when making a decision. We place our business strategy on the question: will it create ecological, social, and financial value? We believe that a balanced approach can spark innovation and create opportunities.

Puffin Searching for Food

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

With our actions, we aim to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We support partners and businesses in all 17 SDGs and directly contribute to the SDGs 8, 9, 12, and 17.


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